So Much Hostility

I’ve barely gotten my feet wet in the Protestant and Catholic apologetics blogs and websites, and I’m very seriously considering withdrawing from it altogether. There is an advantage to having a person explain things to you rather than a book, but the hatred flying about the place is almost too much to stomach. People aren’t much interested in understanding their oponent’s position before they try to blast it apart with ad hominem attacks and tired rhetoric.

Half the problem seems to be some sort of misunderstanding based in semantics. If we could all learn to speak the English language more precisely maybe there would only be five worldwide Christian denominations instead of thousands. Otherwise, there are very basic theological problems that this all stems from i.e. “Is there any good at all in anything we do or are we totally corrupt?” There can be valid viewpoints on either side. Why can’t both sides actually listen to the other side’s reasons and then say, “Well, that’s where we differ, I think you’re wrong.” What’s with all this “You’re stupid because you think that!”?

It’s not stupidity. I was in a Protestant frame of mind this side of five years ago. There’s a whole different language and set of concepts that comes with it. Now that I’ve had a “paradigm shift” so-to-speak, I see how different it is than I thought. I can remember how Catholics looked from the other side. It’s sickening, and I keep hoping that people will want to overcome their misconceptions. Time and time again, even my own family defers my hope. Everyone’s just out for the kill, trying to earn another merit badge or run up their soul count saved for Christ. Nobody listens.

6 Responses to So Much Hostility

  1. Ragamuffin says:

    I get what you’re saying. It gets old watching people talk past each other and not acknowledge the presuppositions they each bring to the table.

    You figure out after a while which blogs have reasonable debate and which ones are just flame wars where no one is listening to the other side. Don’t give up.

  2. Rhology says:

    If I may comment, I’d say that it is indeed very easy to fall into alot of hostility, for everyone. The keyboard makes everyone meaner, braver, like we can say what we say with more impunity than if it were face to face.
    And it goes on both sides. Ever read any Art Sippo or CatholicChampion (Matthew Bellisario)? The relentless mocking of Luther and Calvin, etc?
    OTOH, much of what goes on on these kinds of blogs is designed to reach the lurkers by shutting the mouths of the unbeliever (see Romans 2 and 3), so that’s part of it too.

  3. Stacey says:

    Any suggestions of where to look, Ragamuffin?


    You’re very right about the keyboard making us meaner and braver. I’ve fallen into that, and some close friends have done the same against me and others. It also seems to make it easier to take things the wrong way on the receiving end, because a gentle or comedic tone is hard to convey.

  4. Matthew Bellisario says:

    You have room to talk Rhology. You and your crew on Beggars All are nothing short of belligerent, as your hero John Calvin was. Have you ever read his nauseating writings? I know he was just a product of his times. Until you clean up your own house, don’t throw stones. I will be the first to admit that I get carried away, and the first to admit if I make a mistake, unlike you and your buddies over at BA. We have perfect example where none of you had the guts to come out and correct your buddy Turretin Fan who completely made a mistake on his assessment of Eastern Orthodoxy proven by official documents of the Orhtodox Church. Silence was all we heard from all of you. Yet if you think you have an argument, or a catholic makes a mistake then you guys are all over it mocking and insulting them. Throwing stones in glass houses makes a mess.

  5. Rhology says:

    And case in point, Matthew Bellisario!

  6. Stacey says:

    Please, be nice everyone. I am a mother. I will stop this car and turn it around 😉

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