Hope is Not Always Deferred

Spending time in the blogosphere, I find a lot of people set in their ways and unwilling to listen. It becomes very discouraging sometimes. I grow to believe that what I say doesn’t matter, that it won’t make a difference, and nobody ever changes anyway. Then I tell myself: Don’t listen to Screwtape!

Your words can encourage and inspire the work of the Holy Spirit in others. I know this, because it has happened to me, to my husband, and to so many converts and those contemplating conversion here online. This is the beautifully written conversion story of Patty Bonds. I cried reading through it because so much that she says ressonates with me. It’s beautiful to see Christ’s Church embraced and Christ known deeper and more fruitfully. Don’t despair. We never know the effect our words may have on others.

To be fair, I will post James White’s reaction to her conversion. Both are worth reading.

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