Reading Scripture in a New Light

Since My Paradigm Shift, the Scriptures speak to me in ways they never did before. It’s almost as if there were cataracts over my eyes and now they’ve been removed. Where passages and parables were cloudy and trite, they now reveal God Himself and His plan for Christ’s Body.

One example of this is the parable of the servants entrusted with the Master’s treasure (Matt 25:14-30). Many times, I’ve heard this parable expounded to exhort good stewardship of the “talents” that God has given us, to be active in God’s work, to be a “good and faithful servant”. While this is one truth we can gain from the story, it now speaks to me of Christ’s Church.

Notice first that the parable is describing the kingdom of heaven. The master leaves and will return, like Christ has left with the promise of returning. His people, His Body, His Church are the treasure of the Master, and they have been entrusted to His stewards, his vicar here on Earth. To me, this speaks particularly of the Pope. History will not allow us to deny the lazy and wicked Popes that have obtained the seat of Peter, like Leo X. This parable reassures me that though they may bury the Master’s treasure and fail to provide an increase, the treasure is not lost.

Most recently, I have been reading John Calvin’s dialogue in the Lausanne Articles. He uses common sense to argue against Christ’s body being spread without limit around the world in the Eucharist. Calvin says, “Thus it does not follow that, if the divinity of Christ is infinite, hence his body must also be so… I ask you if on your conscience you believe that the bodies of the children of God, when glorified, will be in all places without being limited or circumscribed and having none of the properties of their nature. Your judgment must convince you that this is an absurdity which you cannot concede. No more then ought it to be accorded to the body of Christ, which (according to the aposstle) they will resemble.”

Calvin’s objections bring to mind the multiplying of the loaves of bread (Matt 14:13-21). Christ demonstrated before thousands His ability to satisfy without being bound by the restrictions of nature. He prophesied feeding His people with the bread of life, His very Body, without limits. From five loaves, he fed thousands! How much more so would he multiply His Body in the consecrated bread, and more than amply feed everyone who hungers, that they may partake of His divine nature by consuming Him.

I never before saw these things in the Scriptures, and I’m constantly amazed. For me now more than ever, the miracles and words of Christ are purposefully designed to reveal an aspect of God’s plan. They are no longer simple morality tales, teaching us to be good little boys and girls. God Himself is reaching me through the Scriptures, drawing me nearer to Him, deapening my understanding and my relationship with Him.


One Response to Reading Scripture in a New Light

  1. stirenaeus says:

    The list is LONG of things in Scripture that only make sense through Catholic eyes.

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