Chris and I have had a lot of encounters lately that have me musing. I don’t really even know what to make of some things, or how to categorize, label, and incorporate them into my nice little “good”, “bad”, and “ugly” categories of life. Here’s a few… if I get them out, maybe they’ll stop rattling around in my head.

My favorite neighbors dropped by the other day. They have four little boys, good friends to my kids, and we’re just starting to know them better. They came over because there was a nice Kansas storm brewing on the horizon, threatening tornado, and we have fewer windows in our basement than they. So we got to talk for a while. Somehow, probably because my neighbor’s husband is fond of my dad, we got on the topic of how my parents aren’t fond of our Catholicity. Her husband isn’t either. When they first started dating, she was attending a Catholic Church, and he rounded up some of his friends to talk her out of it. They tried to convince her that Catholics worship Mary and believe all sorts of nonsense. He wouldn’t even step foot in a Catholic Church. Apparently, he still won’t. I had told her we were going to invite them to church with us, since we knew they were looking for one. She wanted to, and attempted to convince him to come, but he refused. Now she hasn’t answered my phone calls… is it because he told her not to hang out with those dirty Catholics anymore? Am I paranoid? Maybe.

I’ve looked around at some Reformed Protestant blogs, with the old patent Reformed apologetic arguments regurgitated over and over. How… how is it that these people don’t get it? All I can manage is a deep… deep sigh. And that’s probably the same they’re doing for me.

Another blogger has encounter a well informed, intelligent, ex-Catholic who also doesn’t get it… how? Is it obstinacy? Does it all come down to how much we are willing to sacrifice to find the truth, and some people would rather hold onto their comfortable jobs, blogs, life situation, current intellectual happiness, friends, etc. than actually find the truth?? Probably: “They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.” (2 Thess 2:10)

Chris tried talking to his old best friend again, who has abandoned Christianity for holonomic universal consciousness nonsense. He believes Christianity is evil mind control now. Talking to him again didn’t go well… now they’re not talking… again.

My mom and dad came over for dinner, and when we prayed, my daughter said “Wait! Let’s do the crossy thing.” And my mom joined us 🙂

Chris Jr. now attempts his own “crossy thing” when we pray, at nearly sixteen months. It doesn’t really look like the sign of the cross!

My dad is putting together “go-bags”, which are full of really rather cool survival stuff, but he’s doing it because someone in their amorphous network of non-denominational Christians has prophesied bad times where water is more expensive than gasoline and in short supply, and people should buy land to live off of. I’m attempting the smile and nod response technique.

The American women religious are being investigated for being unfaithful to the Catholic Church, the gospel, and Christ himself. Check out some of what they say:

“Sojourning… involves moving beyond the Church, even beyond Jesus… Its search for the Holy may have begun rooted in Jesus as the Christ, but deep reflection, study and prayer have opened it up to the spirit of the Holy in all of creation. Religious titles, institutional limitations, ecclesiastical authorities no longer fit this congregation, which in most respects is Post-Christian… With a new lens, women also began to see the divine within nature, the value and importance of the cosmos, and that the emerging new cosmology encouraged their spirituality and fed their souls… The Jesus narrative is not the only or the most important narrative for these women… Jesus is not the only son of God. Salvation is not limited to Christians. Wisdom is found in the traditions of the Church as well as beyond it…  Who’s to say that the movement beyond Christ is not, in reality, a movement into the very heart of God?… They are certainly religious women, but they are no longer women religious as it is defined by the Roman Catholic Church. They choose as a congregation to step outside the Church in order to step into a greater sense of holiness.”

So… how am I supposed to take all this?

4 Responses to Musings

  1. lenetta says:

    Sigh, deep breath, smile & nod, and remember that even Catholics can have a personal relationship with Jesus if they so choose, and just keep your focus on Him. The world is full of sinners, and there are plenty in the church, too. Follow what your heart, mind, and soul believes to be true.

    Goose just pats her chest for the “crossy thing”. You go, Chris Jr.!!!

  2. Stacey says:

    Hehe, you should see him, he starts waving at the air like mad. It’s a vigorous “fly swatting” version of the sign of the cross.

    It is such a mad world… happy note though, my neighbor emailed me. Consensus? I’m paranoid.

  3. lenetta says:

    No wonder I like you so much – paranoid is my middle name! (Right after my confirmation name of Gabriel and my Indian name of Stays Up Too Late On Computer.)

  4. stirenaeus says:

    In other news — good news — apparently my wife has been praying the Ave Maria with my boy while I was gone on a trip.

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