Another Thing About the Rosary

I always used to hate praying in groups. I didn’t really hate being in a group that was praying, but hated me actually talking and saying the words of prayer out loud in front of others. It makes me all stage fright and nervous, and it’s impossible to focus on God that way. With Catholic rote prayers, that’s not a problem. Now it’s nice and easy to pray the rosary with Chris. We can pray together effectively, husband and wife. Good stuff.

5 Responses to Another Thing About the Rosary

  1. lenetta says:

    Good stuff indeed! I also feel so . . . connected. With millions (billions?) of others who have said the same words, and may be saying the same words at this exact second.

    Along those lines (vaguely) I read somewhere (Catholicism and Evangelism perhaps?) that Jesus said “I am the vine and you are the branches” and that it doesn’t make sense that the branches of the faithful would be cut off from JESUS after death, rather that the bond would be strengthened. (This was defending asking for intercession by the saints.) The written prayers really make me feel those bonds between myself and Jesus and the rest of his followers.

    This has left me with a warm fuzzy feeling for the afternoon! Thanks! :>) Now I’d better get to my bible study lesson before the little one wakes up. Since she’s actually napping, that means I can take her with me and actually go!

  2. Stacey says:

    I like that point! There are millions (one billion, tops) who say the same prayer, and the Church is a community!

  3. lenetta says:

    Re: billions? . . . I was wondering about counting those who have gone before us. :>)

  4. thecalltofatima says:

    The last visionary of Fatima Sister Lucia wrote in her book “Calls” about the prayer:“It is by prayer that we secure pardon for our sins, the strength and the grace to resist the temptations of the world, the devil and the flesh. We are very weak; without this strength we could never win through.”

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