Occam was Wrong

Occam’s Razor: “Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.” or more simply put: “The simplest solution is the best one.”

In my experience, the simplest answer is usually missing something. Consider Newtonian physics. It is, by far, easier to grasp than Quantum physics or Relativity. Newtonian physics is a special limited case, missing the complete picture of physics as seen close to light speed or at a microscopic level. Where am I going with this? I see the same problem all over, including in Protestant thinking. For instance, concerning faith and works or grace and free will, the balance of which are too complicated, so in Protestant theology one is done away with to provide a simpler, more straightforward solution. But a wrong answer because it’s missing something. Same thing with modern thought on ethics and philosophy. All nuances are sacrificed for a straightforward system of thought. This simplicity of thought demands “either, or”. Science or religion, not both because figuring out their relationship would be too complicated. Not Scripture and Tradition because we can’t quite understand exactly how it works.

In short, then, Occam is wrong. The truth is complicated.


3 Responses to Occam was Wrong

  1. lenetta says:

    Love it! Though actually I think we make it more complicated by all our “what ifs”. Or maybe that’s just me. :>)

  2. Stacey says:

    LOL, you’re right. Some things we over complicate, and some things we over simplify. I happen to believe that the Catholic Church has the only perfectly balanced and, of course, true version of things šŸ™‚

  3. I’m in the 3rd third of life at 66. Born Catholic, raised Catholic, I spent over a third of my life (thus far) a nun. Have wandered into other belief systems off and on, trying to cull something new and “exciting.” My thought is that too often I’ve over-thought things. Now, as a bona fide senior citizen, I like to hang around the realization that God is crazy-in-love with me. Thinking on Ps. 138…”Your right hand holds me fast…” and Isaiah “By name I have called you…I have carved you in the palm of my hand” I’m figuring out that as we age, life becomes simpler. Oh, I still have to analyze and dissect, but now faith is just realizing “God so loves the world…” I have shaken hands with death on my journey this far. I try to live in the moment and ask God to show me the way…not always that easy, though.

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