Caught Out

It’s a frightening thing when your priest discovers your blog. It’s not actually frightening, but more like that weird rush of adrenaline you feel when you see a cop sitting at the side of the road, even if you’re doing the speed limit and always do the speed limit and make an effort to obey all traffic laws. Then you go through your mental checklist of whether or not you’re on the right side of the law. Ah, good times!

Thankfully, though, Father Andrew, our “new enthusiastically orthodox ‘baby priest’” (which he quoted back to me) generally approved of my and Chris’s blog and encouraged us in it. It helps that he’s laid back and seems to be fully aware of the human condition. Although honestly, I’ve never heard of a priest who’s not fully aware of the human condition. And he could unknowingly sympathize with my nerviness since the Archbishop was at the daily mass yesterday, giving Father the unnecessary jitters around authority. Gosh, if we get like this with our earthly spiritual superiors, can you even imagine going before Christ at judgment?

But Father Andrew, if you do occasionally read my blog, I’d be grateful for any comments and direction you can give. That is, if you’re not completely overworked and exhausted from the demands of our over-sized parish. You honestly have a gift for helping people understand spiritual matters and I’m glad God has placed you at Prince of Peace.

4 Responses to Caught Out

  1. lenetta says:

    Tee hee. Glad he approves! :>)

  2. kkollwitz says:

    Interesting. When I started my blog, after I had a few posts I asked my priest to have a look in case it looked like anything that’d embarrass the parish. He said it looked fine and to blog away….that was about 15 months ago.

  3. Tap says:

    I just looked at my post on that thread about the “Baby Priest”. I made a quip about you descriptive abilities. in retrospect, that sentence could be take the wrong way, and be seen as an attack on the character of the priest. Rest assured that was not my intention, if any offense was taken, my apologies to you and Fr Andrew. i wonder why i never noticed it at the time. . Not sure what to call it. cognitive dissonance?

  4. Stacey says:

    Ah, tap, no worries. I think priests take most things in good will, and Fr. Andrew seems this way especially. After all, I was quoting his own description of himself when I called him a “baby priest”! At the time, I think he’d only been ordained for a few months. I certainly didn’t think you meant anything bad about it. And I tend to think “enthusiastically orthodox” is a compliment 🙂

    I think my need to check myself came from this awful lack of tone quality that is completely missing on the internet, so people can’t always tell if what you’re saying is nice or not. And of course, I have offended people in the past 😉

    That’s the way to do it. I think I’ve mostly tried to write my blog with things I’d only say to people’s faces, because I have a theory that everything comes to light eventually. Maybe it’s best to start off checking!

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