Feel Like Giving Up

Let me just say, it is incredibly frustrating to attempt to write blog posts when children are trying to physically separate you from the computer, tearing the keys off of the keyboard when you load the dishwasher, ripping the cushions on the couch, coloring on the walls, climbing up onto the counters, fighting over movies to watch, grinding food into the carpet, ripping pages out of my books, cracking DVDs they pulled down from what I thought was a high place, eating window cling gels, eating chapstick, slinging diapers across the room (used and unused), fighting over the green lightsaber although a blue one is lying on the floor, and generally not giving me more than a few minutes time before I have to intervene, save a life, or clean up a new mess.

So it’s taking a while for the 10+ posts that are half written to surface to the published section of the internet and for me to reply to the thoughtful comments people have already made on the few of my posts that have miraculously already been pushed out. I really want to. But late breaking news from me is, in fact, late in breaking if it is broken at all. Isn’t motherhood lovely? 🙂

5 Responses to Feel Like Giving Up

  1. lenetta says:

    What amazes me is that someday we’ll look back fondly on these days!

    [And I really loosely include myself in this group – Goose is really pretty much low key (except for the attempting to give up naps thing). My life is super easy compared to yours in a lot of ways!]

    Here’s hoping the next one for you guys is meek as a churchmouse. :>) :>)

  2. Stacey says:

    Ah, kiddies are in bed and I can have a moment to reply without something breaking or someone jumping off something! I try as best I can to remember that they do grow up fast, but the frustration overtakes me. The funny thing is, all the wrecking that Chris Jr. does and he’s still cute. It’s very hard to stay mad at him when he flashes his cheeky little grin. I really don’t have it all that bad, just a lot of mischief to keep things interesting! Crossing my fingers for that churchmouse.

    Oh hey, I saw some $1 (in the cheap rack) care bear notebooks at Target and I thought of Goose. I could grab and mail them to you if you like?

  3. Tap says:

    This is just comedy gold! 🙂

  4. Stacey says:

    LOL, yes, kids really do make everything more amusing.

  5. kkollwitz says:

    Life is lived in phases. Some of them are more conducive to maintaining a blog.

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