Blog name changed…

April 6, 2010

… temporarily, at least until I figure out a better name, or decide to start a different blog for a different stage in my journey. Feel free to offer suggestions.

Caught Out

January 29, 2010

It’s a frightening thing when your priest discovers your blog. It’s not actually frightening, but more like that weird rush of adrenaline you feel when you see a cop sitting at the side of the road, even if you’re doing the speed limit and always do the speed limit and make an effort to obey all traffic laws. Then you go through your mental checklist of whether or not you’re on the right side of the law. Ah, good times!

Thankfully, though, Father Andrew, our “new enthusiastically orthodox ‘baby priest’” (which he quoted back to me) generally approved of my and Chris’s blog and encouraged us in it. It helps that he’s laid back and seems to be fully aware of the human condition. Although honestly, I’ve never heard of a priest who’s not fully aware of the human condition. And he could unknowingly sympathize with my nerviness since the Archbishop was at the daily mass yesterday, giving Father the unnecessary jitters around authority. Gosh, if we get like this with our earthly spiritual superiors, can you even imagine going before Christ at judgment?

But Father Andrew, if you do occasionally read my blog, I’d be grateful for any comments and direction you can give. That is, if you’re not completely overworked and exhausted from the demands of our over-sized parish. You honestly have a gift for helping people understand spiritual matters and I’m glad God has placed you at Prince of Peace.

Good Stuff from “blah blah blah blog”

December 28, 2009

Don’t let the name of the blog fool ya. Rob’s story adds to my already firmly held belief that should more people read Hilaire Belloc and so become aware of religious history, then we’d have more Catholics. Particularly the kind of orthodox apologetic kung fu ninjas we need.

Part of Rob’s conversion, influenced by Belloc’s The Great Heresies, in which he writes regarding heresies:

“The Catholics were right and they were wrong. Horribly wrong. Insidiously wrong. And yet, what an amazing stroke of fortune that the one time the Catholic Church was wrong in condemning a heresy was the one time when I was the heretic.”

Ah, we’ve all been there, Rob. Even non-converts will encounter a time when they disagree with the Church’s teaching. When we choose to follow the Church’s teaching instead of our own ignorant views, that’s trust, not blind, unthinking faith like some people accuse us of. Trust based on the knowledge that it is more likely an institution we perceive to be the hand of God on Earth has got it right rather than we, a solitary and sometimes stupid, emotional, and definitely biased person we know ourselves to be, have got it right.

In another post, he writes along the lines of lamenting the Modern Mind:

“As I said previously, everyone just keeps bringing up the Science Trump Card without, you know, actually talking about science.  But, trust them, they heard it from a friend’s neighbor’s mother’s postman’s scientist niece that Science says so.  So it must be true.”

With respect to the Pope’s stance on AIDS and abstinence, he writes Pope Does it Again:

“They’ve been told the science is on their side, but haven’t bothered to double-check.  And so you get mealy-mouthed nonsense from the French about how the Pope is unscientific and intolerant (their greatest curse).  Intolerant?  What’s that got to do with anything?  “You’re unscientific.”  “No, you’re unscientific.”  “Nuh-uh.”  “Yah-huh.”  “Well your momma’s ugly.””

Sound familiar? 🙂

Hope is Not Always Deferred

February 24, 2009

Spending time in the blogosphere, I find a lot of people set in their ways and unwilling to listen. It becomes very discouraging sometimes. I grow to believe that what I say doesn’t matter, that it won’t make a difference, and nobody ever changes anyway. Then I tell myself: Don’t listen to Screwtape!

Your words can encourage and inspire the work of the Holy Spirit in others. I know this, because it has happened to me, to my husband, and to so many converts and those contemplating conversion here online. This is the beautifully written conversion story of Patty Bonds. I cried reading through it because so much that she says ressonates with me. It’s beautiful to see Christ’s Church embraced and Christ known deeper and more fruitfully. Don’t despair. We never know the effect our words may have on others.

To be fair, I will post James White’s reaction to her conversion. Both are worth reading.

Announcing my Husband’s Blog: Bread of Life

February 22, 2009

Chris has started a blog, Bread of Life. His first post is up 🙂